Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aidilfitri 2010

Very late, it is the last day of Syawal but still I want to write about our Syawal experience. First Syawal we spent the day at Banting. It was hard to wake khaizuran and khairin up but once I showed them their baju raya they were so excited and agree to take a bath early. From their face I know they feel so excited and handsome that morning. Alhamdullilah they were in the happy mood. After taking the family raya picture straight away we headed to abah’s kampung.

First destination was my late sister grave. I miss her so much sometimes I feel so guilty for not able to visit her more often . My other half always remind me that every time when I think about her just read al-fatihah and pray for her feeling sad won’t help her but al- fatihah and yassin will definetly help her go through the life in barzakh. She remain in our heart forever she has a pure soul and forever we will miss her.

After that we visited our grandparents and other relative in Banting. 2nd Syawal I did some cooking everybody love my mee kari…my family was surprised with my cooking skills. Hehe..for 2 years I’ve been practicing cooking and only now I feel confident to cook for other people beside my family. In the evening we went back to KL to visit my other half side. Our third Syawal the whole day was spent at my other half house. My parents in law (PIL) was so happy to have khaizuran and khairin at home, both of them were delighted too.

On the 4th of Syawal my PIL went to Australia to visit ngah my other half brother that is working in Sydney and we headed to Alor Setar to visit atok at Kedah (my mother side). Khaizuran kept on asking where is Kedah? Why is it so far? Nak pergi rumah siapa ni? I keep on explaining that we have a big family mama ada mama dan abah mama sendiri (nenek and hembah khaizuran) then hembah ada mama dan abah dia pula and nenek have her own mama and abah pula, and the list keep on going …hehe.. khaizuran was so interested and keep on asking why every body have to have their own mama and abah and every one have a different home that is so far a part. Mama opah and atok rumah dekat perak, mama nenek rumah dekat kedah then mama hembah dekat Selangor. Rumah mama abah dekat KL rumah mama mama dekat banting then rumah mama and abah khaizuran dekat Kerteh. Huhu… Pening mama nak jawab.

On the fifth Syawal from Alor Setar we headed to Kuala Kangsar my PIL side. Visited some of our relative in Kuala Kangsar and in the evening we drove back to KL. Spent a night in KL. Then we just settle down in Banting at my parents house until the end of our holiday…