Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Quarter life crisis? been moody lately I am not sure why? feeling everything is a routine and boring. Oooo my i have to be grateful, the key to happiness in life is being grateful to Allah..sometimes i feel like quitting my job letih having 3 kids i become lethargic but hiring  a maid...emmm..i am not quite sure base on our previous experienced i prefer to be maidless. I keep on reminding myself that I am still strong and healthy everything i do will be reward by Allah there will be a time when i wont be able to do all this works so better kumpul pahala now ;)..when you get older life become harder been thinking about too many things dissatisfied about certain things but life goes on have to be positive as being negative will only make things worst. The kids are growing very fast i don't want to miss out so have to be positive all the time. Emm quitting my job..should i do that? will that make me happy?