Sunday, July 29, 2012

Short Update

Today auni is 1 year old :) Alhamdullilah...she know how to walk..she can walk more than 10 step but still prefer to crawl..she have no tooth yet but enjoy normal food, you will get frustrated if you feed her baby food...she is quite small her weight is only 7.5 kg but still manage to give mama back pain when mama carry her for hours..

Khaizuran know how to read bahasa, he have officially finished reading Buku Anakku 8 early this month, and trying to finish the English read easy book soon he is on book 6...Khaizuran he is so brotherly tak pernah buat auni, if auni koyakkan/ rosakkan barang dia he will only cry or complain to sweet ;)

Khairin senyap2 suka buat auni ;) but still he always help auni if auni need any help..quite expressive :)..still reading buku anakku 1 ;)..have already remember a few to sing especially the selawat nabi and 25 rasul nasyeed ;)